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Clarence Thomas' Latest Guns Decision Is Ahistorical and Anti-Originalist

Democratic Underground 02 Jul 2022
The fact that this opinion was written by Justice Clarence Thomas, an originalist so rigid in his thinking that Justice Antonin Scalia once used him as a foil to distinguish his respect for precedent—”I’m an originalist and a textualist, not a nut,” Scalia quipped— contrasting the burn-it-all-down approach favored by his laconic colleague.

OP-ED: More guns, fewer abortions

Observer-Reporter 02 Jul 2022
First, a majority of the justices limited a state’s authority to regulate open carry of a firearm ... It is likely that more Americans will die as the result of expanded gun violence and substandard maternity care than life preserved by prohibiting abortions in some states ... Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the majority.

After Roe, America’s well-organised radical right will continue to score victories

The Irish Times 02 Jul 2022
For the madness in American politics never resulted from the actions of one man ... And, as another turbulent week in American politics demonstrates, the radicalised American right will seize power by any means necessary ... But it was overturned by a bare majority of one – and in spite of the fact that most Americans opposed overturning it.

Justice Clarence Thomas and The Conservative Supreme Court Have Fanned The Flames Of Racism In America

The Tennessee Tribune 02 Jul 2022
The justice has gained the turncoat nickname, Uncle Thomas, from African Americans and others ... The Black justice invoked the disgusting Dred Scott decision, where then-chief justice Roger Taney cautioned that African Americans would have the right to carry firearms in public if the court recognized them as U.S.

Letters to the editor

The Crescent News 02 Jul 2022
On the federal level, Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill with no Republican support and have proposed additional spending on infrastructure, anti-poverty and education — things beneficial for all Americans ... Almost 80% of Americans believe in a woman’s right to determine the course of her life.

A Transformative Term at the Most Conservative Supreme Court in Nearly a Century

The Citizens' Voice 02 Jul 2022
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court moved relentlessly to the right in its first full term with a six-justice conservative majority, issuing far-reaching decisions that will transform American life ... On Thursday, as they were about to begin their summer breaks, the justices agreed to ...

Editorial: Keep resisting left’s calls to pack the court

Boston Herald 02 Jul 2022
“They have burned whatever legitimacy they may still have had after their gun decision, after their voting decision, after their union decision and that means we need more justices on the United States Supreme Court.” ... All of the justices were lawfully nominated by past presidents and approved by the Senate.

Experts: US Court fractures decades of Native American law

Odessa American 02 Jul 2022
Supreme Court ruling expanding state authority to prosecute some crimes on Native American land is fracturing decades of law built around the hard-fought principle that tribes have the right to govern themselves on their own territory, legal experts say ... when the suspect or victim is Native American ... Department of Justice.

Supreme Court sides with conservatives to make America more dangerous, less free

Chicago Sun-Times 02 Jul 2022
Its majority of six conservative justices doesn’t care that they are creating a world in which abortion rights are curtailed, more people are slain by gunfire and the planet goes up in smoke ... It’s a dangerous era for the nation as the court falls into disrepute and the right of a majority of Americans to influence public policy takes it on the chin.

Editorial Roundup: United States

Decatur Daily 02 Jul 2022
This decision reveals the vast gulf between ideologues on the court and those Americans — ordinary people and their representatives in Congress — who want this country to be safer from guns ... The three liberal justices who dissented said they did so with sorrow for “many millions of American women” and also for the court itself.

GUEST VIEW: Rep. Cheney is not a hero — she’s doing her job

Odessa American 02 Jul 2022
Despite what her detractors are saying, however, Cheney spoke as an American and not as a politician ... Having said that, one must ask what took members of Trump’s Justice Department—those who testified at the January 26 Hearing—so long to come forward and why hasn’t White House Counsel Pat Cipollone testified.

Alabama Attorney Fred Gray Will Receive Presidential Award of Freedom From Biden

The Birmingham Times 02 Jul 2022
Biden is presenting the Presidential Award of Freedom to 17 living and deceased Americans “who have made exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values or security of the United States, world peace or other significant societal, public or private endeavors,” the White House said in a press release.

Commentary: The Supreme Court gets an F in history for its rationales in abortion, gun rulings

The Spokesman-Review 02 Jul 2022
In two decisions last week, on guns and abortions, the justices pretended that the past can give us singular answers to divisive present-day questions ... Thomas used the word “history” 95 times, citing example after example to demonstrate how deeply gun ownership rights are embedded in the American past.

US protests over fatal police shooting of Black man

Urdu Point 02 Jul 2022
Jayland Walker, 25, was shot and killed Monday, after officers tried to stop his car over a traffic violation, the police department in the city of Akron, Ohio said ... The incident was the latest death of an African American citizen at the hands of police, events that have sparked mass protests over racism social justice and police brutality ... ....

New suit looks to overturn NJ assault rifle ban in wake of Supreme Court landmark ruling

Burlington County Times 02 Jul 2022
But they have refrained because they fear prosecution ... Writing for the court’s conservative majority, Justice Clarence Thomas said gun laws must now be comparable to restrictions enacted throughout American history to be considered valid ... Many of these, including the AR-15, have been used by gunmen in American’s worst mass shootings.

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